Compression Therapy for Veins

External compression of the legs reduces fluid in the tissues ("oedema") and can improve comfort due to venous swelling and the healing of venous ulcers.

It compresses the superficial veins to limit the amount of dilatation of varicose veins, and encourages increased blood flow in the deeper veins.

The advantages to compression via bandages or stockings is that it is non-invasive (no surgery, incisions or injections are involved), and completely reversible by simply removing the bandages or stockings.

Unfortunately, it is only effective if high-grade compression is applied, and this means that bandages or stockings can be challenging to put on because they are so tight. While many patients are very satisfied with compression therapy alone, others are not able to tolerate the long term use of tight stockings and will choose to undergo further treatment.

Compression therapy is also routinely used immediately after treatments such as sclerotherapy, endovenous laser, or other surgery, as an adjunct to improve patient comfort and maximise the clinical benefit and overall result.