The Age: Greece's health: failing, ailing

Submitted by jchuen on 14 June 2012 - 6:10am

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The Age today carries an article on the impact of Greece's failing economy on the health system.

Many of us in Australia consider health care to be a basic right. In many developing countries, and even in some First World countries, health care is not automatic and is a luxury rather than a basic necessity.

The Age's Karren Kissane writes:

"IT'S A bad idea to be old or sick in a country that's going bankrupt.

Across Greece, medical suppliers fed up with being unpaid are denying state hospitals basics such as gauze and syringes. On the island of Leros, the local psychiatric hospital can no longer feed its 350 patients. In Athens, Yannis Constantinidis takes up a monthly collection from his brothers and sisters to help him pay for his mother's medicines."



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